Eugenia Macheret

Eugenia Macheret - UARMA President
Education: Neurologist, Acupuncturist
Degree: Ph.D., M.D., A.D., professor

Eeugeniya Macheret  – President of the Ukrainian Association of  Reflexotherapy and Medical Acupuncture, a correspondent member of the National Academy of  Medical Sciences of Ukraine, M.D., professor, of  Neurology and Reflexotherapy Department of National Medical Academy of postgraduate education, professor of the Tyanzin College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (China). She is a founder of the scientific school of neurology and reflexotherapy in Ukraine. Her scientific works are devoted to study of the vascular and inflammatory diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, tumorous processes, cerebral traumas, rehabilitation of the Chornobyl disaster victims, elaboration of new methods of acupuncture diagnostics and treatment. She is an author of  1450 publications, 19 monographs.

Other members of the Association

Alex Korkushko - UARMA Vise-president
Ph.D., A.D., ass. professor
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